Compagnie Lucamoros

Blank Page


Australian aborigines believe that “The world only exists if pictures are painted and  songs are sung about it”. For us, the world only exists if its walls sing and paint its history.In vivid images – explosions of colour and musical celebration.Here and now, with our bare hands and voices.

An opportunity for passers-by to reclaim their own space by inventing stories to restore its very own charm – stories to widen our horizon.

Taut sheet metal panels cover a huge scaffolding in the town, offering an immense blank page to be covered with images, painted or printed in real time, with the full knowledge and consent of the passers-by that gather there; a collective fresco or unfolding comic strip, composed and sung by half a dozen young European painter-singers: a story or stories…

This is a sort of off-beat, festive and enjoyable break in the heart of the city, during which passers-by will be invited to reflect, either involuntarily or consciously, on the images that have invaded our daily life to such an extent that they have become one of the main means through which we relate to the world.